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More 1980s Fun Hatches!

It seems that last week’s post about the notchback Pontiacs reminded some of our readers about another nifty hatchback made by Nissan. The Nissan Pulsar seemed to really capture the mid-1980s era with its wedge shape, angular styling, and unforgettable louvered taillights that evoke memories of Max Headroom and louvered sunglasses (no, Kanye was not the first to wear them…). On its own, the Pulsar was an attractive compact car, fuel efficient and fun to drive. However, the Nissan designers had more in mind:

First, the car was fitted with removable T-tops, a very ‘70s & ‘80s approach to open roof motoring. Then the designers decided to make the rear hatch area into a Jack-of-all-trades. Everyday driving, modest cargo requirements? No problem, just leave the normal hatch and sloped rear window in place. Going away for a weekend, or need to transport more stuff that shouldn’t get wet or stolen? Enter the SportBak, a second hatch that turned the Pulsar into a mini-station wagon. Still not enough room? Then go full El Camino and leave the hatch at home to create a truly compact pickup truck. What made the Nissan system different is that the owner could change up the hatch themselves as required — they were not locked into whatever the factory delivered.

I don’t recall the last time that I saw one of these on the road, however, if any readers would like to have their car featured here, I’d be happy to post up the photos.


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